Thursday, October 6, 2011

Parenting decisions are hard

I grounded Gabe (13 year old son) this week for being disrespectful. I admit I have always allowed him to question things and give me his opinion. I have even allowed him to talk back many times with no huge consequence (big mistake). Well, a few days ago we were driving and he got really mouthy with me (out of frustration because I forgot about a previous conversation we had) and he first told me that I must have some type of mental problem because I don't remember anything, then he proceeded to tell me that I must have lost my mind. WTF?! I am guessing he was needing some "physical" attention and was hoping that I would turn around and deck him. Instead (sorry Gabe) I calmly told him that he was grounded to his room (1 week) and has lost all privileges. Well, he then said "I don't understand why I am grounded. I wasn't joking around. I was being serious." I started laughing while thinking "Wow HE must have lost his mind." I then told him that was EXACTLY why he was grounded because he thought it was perfectly okay to take to me like that and he needed some time to himself to think about the way he has been talking to me lately.

Well, he has been doing pretty well until last night when he got in trouble for getting out of bed FOUR TIMES (what is he two?!) to ask me some freakin random questions. When I reprimanded him (the last time) he walked away and called me a jerk. OMG. I really think he wants me to beat him. lol. So, needless to say I extended his grounding time and he is not happy. He wouldn't even talk to me this morning. I really don't care, as long as he is not saying hurtful things.

So....the point of this was not to complain about Gabe or tell you about my poor parenting skills. The point wasn't to point out how I am justnotTHATmom who has perfect, well-behaved, and always respectful children. The point was to figure out what to do. Gabe wants to participate in a garage sale this weekend at his friends house and sell some stuff. Well, I DON'T want him to because he is grounded. I WANT him to because he owes us almost $80 for different costs for his bearded dragon (that was supposed to solely be his physical/monetary responsibility). So, what do I do? Let him leave the house and go have fun selling things (because he does love it) and get paid back my $80. Or do I make him stay home and face the consequences of his behavior, and wait for months until he makes enough money to pay me back. 

Ugh. Decisions.

What do you do when your child disrespects you?

Are there times you have not followed through on a punishment? What was it for?

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